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Beetle Control - How to Get Rid of Beetles

As the most numerous of the world's insect species, beetles are a commonly encountered nuisance that many of us are forced to deal with at some time or another in the home. Beetles prefer damp and dark conditions and householders the length and breadth of Britain are no strangers to their annoying and unhygienic presence.

Image of a beetle

Discouraging Beetles

While it's virtually impossible to prevent beetles from ever entering your home, you can keep their presence to the barest minimum by following some simple rules.

Hygiene, or lack of it, is the number one important factor. Beetles feed on dried food particles, especially in dark storage areas or in inaccessible (to us) spaces, such as beneath the cooker or similar places where food particles are likely to have inadvertently been dropped. These places also provide an ideal breeding ground for beetles as they prefer to lay their eggs in dark concealed areas near sources of food. Dampness is another contributing factor, as it greatly increases their breeding rate.

The occasional beetle making an appearance in your no cause for concern, but if they are breeding in your home, then their sightings will, within a few weeks, be far more than occasional.

The first thing you should do is work on making your home less of a 'beetle friendly' environment. Clean up all your food storage areas of any crumbs or spilled contents, and wipe down all surfaces within those spaces. Then replace all your stored food in plastic containers with secure fitting lids or covers. Where possible, you should regularly move large objects such as the fridge - just enough so that you can clean the areas beneath and behind them.

Pest Control Products

Many objects can't be easily moved, of course, and there are many other dark recesses around the house that are part of the building construction. In that case, the best form of beetle control help you can have on a DIY basis comes in the form of readily available pest control sprays and powders such as Insecto Super All Bug Destroyer Spray.

These are strong chemical agents, and you should always read the instructions carefully on how to use them safely in the home. There are many types available, including more natural formulas like Smite Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder .

Many are general purpose pest controllers, while some are specific to certain types of pest, such as crawling insects, flying insects or garden pests, etc. Their uses are always clearly shown on the container, or in accompanying information if buying online from Pest Control Supplies, so you can easily make sure the one that you buy suits your purpose.

Safe Use of Pest Control Sprays

Before you start spraying, open doors and windows and ensure the room is well ventilated. The importance of reading and following the usage and safety instructions printed on the container can't be over stressed, especially if you have pets or young children. Between uses, pest controller sprays and powders should be kept well out of the reach of children.

Having prepared the room in accordance with the safety instructions, apply around all skirting boards where they meet the floor, especially into any gaps between the skirting board and floor as these are common entry points for beetles to enter the room. Next apply around and, if possible, under any immovable objects such as the cooker. Avoid washing the floor where you have sprayed, for at least four days. For powders to be continually effective, they must be kept dry at all times, so avoid applying to areas where they could become damp or wet. You can also apply onto the floor of dark storage areas too but make sure all foodstuffs and other objects are removed before application. When returning foodstuffs, make sure they're all sealed in proper containers. Make a point of keeping these areas clean in future by wiping them down regularly and removing any food particles or other dirt.

Although British beetles are unhygienic, unsightly and unwelcome, they're not directly harmful to humans, and there's certainly no need to panic, if you find yourself the unlucky host to hordes of them having decided to set up home in your house. The sprays available from reputable sources are very effective, and only in extreme cases, such as in the case of hotels or restaurants, would it be necessary to call in outside help, such as from the local council. The average home owner or tenant can effectively deal with any moderate infestations by following the instructions given above.

The real challenge isn't in getting rid of beetles, but in ensuring that your house is kept as unwelcoming to them as possible. Remember, they love to live, and breed, in dark and damp places littered with discarded food remains. They hate bare clean surfaces and bright light. Keep those points in mind, and you will be unlikely to face any significant beetle infestation problems in future.

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