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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are becoming a growing problem throughout the UK. Despite their name, bed bugs are can survive in any piece of furniture or furnishing. They are just as at home in the sofa or in the carpet as they are in your bed. They can make their homes in cracks, crevices and even behind the skirting boards of your home. Pest control measures must be deployed at the first sign of a bed bug infestation to prevent their numbers from growing at an alarming rate. A combination of Bed Bug Killer Sprays, Bed Bug Fumigation and Bed Bug Killer Power is essential for complete control of a bed bug infestation. The strength of an infestation dictates the size of products required.

Bed Bug Killer Sprays
There are several different types of Bed Bug Killer Sprays. The Pest Expert Formula 'C' Bed Bug Spray is one of the few products that can be used on mattresses and comes with an approved mattress label. The spray kills adult bed bugs, preventing them from being able to reproduce, thus breaking the life cycle of bed bugs and helping to put an end to infestations.

Bed Bug Killer Powders
Bed bug killer powders are ideal for long-term control of bed bugs. The powders can also be dusted into cracks and crevices and around bed frames for extra protection against bed bugs.

Bed Bug Killer Fumers 
Bed Bugs will hide in hard to reach places. Smoke bombs and Foggers contain a strong, broad-spectrum insecticide, that will kill all insects in its path, which makes them ideally suited to treat bed bug infestations. Once the smoke bomb or Fogger has been set off it will penetrate all ‘nooks and crannies’ and kill bed bugs in sight and those out of sight.

Bed Bug Killer Kits
Most Bed Bug Kits provide a 4-staged attack against Bed Bugs, containing a mattress spray, a long-lasting residual spray, a smoke bomb or Fogger and a powder that can be dusted into carpets, bedding and mattresses to ensure no bed bugs escape.

Bed Bug Traps & Monitors
Bed bug traps allow for an effective and discreet monitoring of the presence of bed bugs. Traps are designed to be a tool for assessing the severity of bed bug infestation and can be used to monitor even low levels of bed bug infestations, either before or after treatment commences. Bed bug traps should not be used as a sole form of control.

Professional Bed Bug Products
Professional bed bug products contain some of the strongest bed bug killer products available in the UK. Bed bug killer sprays such as Perbio Choc Professional Bed Bug Killer Spray, contains a high concentration of both Permethrin & Tetramethrin for quick knock down of bed bugs and long term protect against a bed bug infestation.

27  Product(s)
Protector C Bed Bug Killer Insecticide Spray 1L
Protector C is an insecticidal surface and space spray, which kills bed bugs & other flying and crawling insects.
£9.95 inc. VAT
Protector C Bed Bug Killer Insecticide 5Litre
Protector C is an insecticidal surface and space spray, which kills bed bugs & other crawling and flying insects.
£34.95 inc. VAT
Insecto Bed Bug Destroyer Bomb 150ml
A simple fogger device, once set off will kill bed bugs in the room, including in hard to reach cracks & crevices.
£7.45 inc. VAT

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