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BLACK PEARL Alphachloralose Mouse Killer Grain Sachets 1Kg

PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY Kills mice almost instantly. Total control of mouse infestations in 1 to 3 days. Indoor use only. OUT OF STOCK / NO LONGER AVAILABLE
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BLACK PEARL Alphachloralose Mouse Killer Grain Sachet is a unique and highly attractive bait that will kill mice almost instantly. Mice take the bait, instead of feeling unwell, they are able to eat more bait, because the Alphachloralose is hidden by the capsulation with no taste or initial side effects. The outer protective shell which remains intact when eaten, dissolves and explodes the lethal dose into the rodents blood stream. Mice are immobilised and put into a coma.

BLACK PEARL is extremely effective in the control of rodents and kills almost instantly. To remove the risk of accidental exposure and for best results we recommend that you use poison baits with a bait station. For example - Lockable Mouse & Rat Bait Station.

  • Active Ingredient Alphachloralose (4.00%)
  • Fastest-acting mouse bait available.
  • Total control of mice infestations within 1 to 3 days.
  • No known resistance.
  • Indoor use only.

Note: When handling poison bait, we strongly recommend wearing protective gloves, to prevent accidental exposure. These can found in our Protective Clothing Section.


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