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Wasps the heroes for Christmas Island crabs
The Red Crab migration has been featured on endless documentaries and has even been labelled as a Wonder of the Natural World. However, a Crazy Yellow Ant infestation on Christmas Island is becoming a big threat to this natural wonder.
World's Most Dangerous Insects!
Red Fire Ants March on in Oz
Many animals and insects have been imported into Australia, intentionally or not. However, the Red Fire Ant is proving to be the latest big problem for their Agriculture and way of life. 
Beetle Fossil discovered in Antarctica
Scientists have made a fascinating find in the sub-zero climate of Antarctica- fossilised beetle wings dating back 14-20 million years.
Imidacloprid: A brief introduction
First synthesised in 1985, Imidacloprid is a chloro-nicotintyle compound, a synthetic insecticide chemically related to nicotine, which is naturally found and toxic to insects. Imidacloprid has wide usage within the Pest Control Sector for the control...