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Beetle Fossil discovered in Antarctica

Beetle Fossil discovered in Antarctica

Scientists have made a fascinating find in the sub-zero climate of Antarctica- fossilised beetle wings dating back 14-20 million years.

Experts believe that the southernmost continent had a warmer climate when the beetle existed, meaning that there would be more biodiversity for it to survive. It is one of only a handful of insects that were known to have once resided there.

The new beetle find has been given the name “Ball’s Antarctic Tundra Beetle” after an expert in the field of Ground Beetles, Dr. George E. Ball.

Food sources that the now extinct beetle may have eaten include Southern Beech, Buttercups, Moss Mats and Cushion Plants. This led to scientists from the Smithsonian Institution to believe that the beetle would have lived in sand and gravel banks by the head of a stream.

There are currently just three known insect species that inhabit Antarctica which are flightless midges that can survive in the extreme conditions.