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How to control Spring and Summer pests

How to control Spring and Summer pests

Just as the weather starts warming up, we get plagued by all different types of pests.

Many pests only emerge when the weather begins to get warmer. With these pests making an appearance, they may cause problems in and around your house. Here are the most common house and garden pests in the warmer months, and how to prevent infestation.


The most common species of ant found in the UK is the black garden ant, which tends to nest outdoors but may invade other parts of your home.

Black garden ants are quite easy to identify: they are dark brown-black in colour, 3-5 mm in length and often follow each other along what is known as a 'pheromone trail'. Pheromone is a scent laid by the worker ants in order to direct others towards a food source. Ant nests are most likely to be built under paving stones and building foundations or within cavity walls.

We are a supplier of quality ant control products from leading manufacturers Rentokil and Pest Expert, including Pest Expert Formula 'C' Ant Spray and Ant Nest Killer Gels and Powders. We also offer a complete Ant Control Kit containing a range of the most effective ant products to eliminate an ant infestation and kill off the nest, complete with a step-by-step advice sheet providing all the information you need to carry out a successful ant treatment.


Fleas are small, jumpy, biting insects that leave an uncomfortable, itchy rash when you have been bitten. Fleas are most commonly brought in by pets like cats and dogs in the spring and summer months. Flea larvae develop more quickly in the summer months, making it imperative that you eradicate them as soon as you start to see any activity.

Pest Expert supply a wide range of flea killing items, from powders to smoke bombs and from foggers to sprays. Fleas are quite resilient, so it may take more than one treatment to get rid of them.


Although wasps do help to control other insect populations, their stings are painful, and they are not a pest you want in your home. Wasps that have survived the winter months in a home will come out in spring / summer, looking for places to lay eggs.

Treating areas where you are seeing the wasp travel from is key. Using the Pest Expert Formula P Powder is essential – this will kill the nest, and any wasps that come into contact with it. If this isn’t possible, you can use the Digrain Wasp Nest Killer Foam, all of which can be found on