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Cockroach Control - How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Of all the possible bug and insect infestations that British homes may at some time or other be host to, cockroach infestations are certainly among the most serious. The reason is simple; cockroaches carry and spread diseases. They are associated with a wide variety of other health problems too, including asthma and allergy related conditions. Harmful microbes carried on their bodies are easily transferred to exposed food, either by direct contact or indirectly via surfaces that have already been contaminated by cockroaches passing by. Cockroaches are a serious health hazard in the home, and should be dealt with as effectively as possible. What makes them even more of a problem is their prolific reproduction rate. Four hundred eggs from a single female in one year can drastically increase the size of any local population.

Categories of Cockroach Control Products
Tell-Tale Signs
First, you should do a little investigation to find out whether you have a problem in the first place, and, if you have, what the scale of the problem is. Evidence of cockroach presence, apart from the obvious, such as seeing live or dead specimens in your house, include: droppings, smear marks, a peculiar and unpleasant smell and discarded casts and egg cases. If there are no signs of any infestation, you should make sure that it will remain that way. You can take steps to minimize the chances of it ever becoming a problem in your home by following the steps given in this article.

Preventing Cockroach Infestations
Prevention is better than cure as the old saying goes, and nowhere is it more apt than in the case of cockroach infestations. With care and vigilance on your part, you can make it difficult for cockroaches to gain a foothold. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment should be your number one priority. Make sure you remove all dropped food remains from food shelves, storage cupboards, etc. Rubbish bins should be secured too. Use the type with lids that will help prevent cockroaches being attracted to any discarded food inside, and empty them every day into your main rubbish container outside the house. In other words, don't wait until you've filled your indoor bins before emptying them.
Try to block all possible entrances to your house, such as small cracks or spaces in floorboards or beneath skirting boards, etc. especially in basements. Ensure that all food in the kitchen, or anywhere it's stored, is covered and kept in suitable containers with secure lids. Cockroaches will eat anything, and are attracted by, and thrive on, rotting food waste. Disinfectant based cleaning products will remove any food residues that may have been deposited on surfaces.
Cockroaches love dark, warm and humid environments. Leaking water pipes should be fixed otherwise they can supply a much needed and welcome water source for cockroaches. This also applies to condensation that forms on pipes. Lagging pipes, which is a sensible, energy efficient, thing to do anyway, eliminates condensation forming on pipes and eliminates one more possible water source for them.
Locate all the most likely areas of your house and inspect these regularly for signs of cockroach activity. You may not see the cockroaches themselves, as they are experts in the art of concealment, but if you do see any, you can safely assume there are quite a few more lurking in cracks and crevices.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches
There are several products available that are very effective for cockroach control. Make sure you read all instructions carefully regarding their safe use, and keep them well away from children.
Assuming that your cockroach infestation isn't so large that you need to call in professional outside help, such as from your local council (note not all councils provide pest control services), for example, you should be able to handle any light to moderate infestations by yourself, with the aid of suitable pest control products. Pest control Supplies have put together all the vital products needed for cockroach infestations, including Pest Expert Formula P Super Fumer Smoke Generator, Formula C Cockroach Killer Spray and AgriSense Cockroach Traps. For highly chemical sensitive areas, the new Smite Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder range is developed using Diatomaceous Earth to cause death by desiccation and dehydration but is completely safe around food preparation and storage areas.
You can then make sure that they've gone for good by regular inspections, and by cleaning and disinfecting surfaces with suitable domestic cleaning products.