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Flea Control - How to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are so small that spotting them can be difficult, even when you are looking for evidence of a flea infestation. The signs of them however, are hard to miss. There is a human flea that specialises in life on people, but these insects are extremely rare in this country. However, pet fleas and dog fleas are found in abundance and are equal opportunity blood suckers. They are perfectly content to dine on you and your family.

Categories of Flea Control Products
  • Flea Killer Sprays are ideal for fast effective control of fleas. Flea Killer Spray with Growth Regulators stops juvenile fleas from growing into adult fleas, preventing them from being able to reproduce. Thus breaking the lifecycle of fleas and helping to put an end to flea infestations. Other sprays such as Pest Expert Formula C Flea Killer Spray provide long-lasting protection killing any fleas that come in contact with the treated surface.
  • Flea Killer Powders are ideal for long-term control of fleas and for using in areas, where using insecticide sprays are not recommend, such as near electricity, or in chemical sensitive areas such as kitchens. The powders can also be dusted into carpets, cracks and crevices and around pet bedding for extra protection.
  • Flea Killer Fumers & Foggers are the ideal products for eliminating a large amount of fleas in one treatment. Once set off, the fogger or fumer will release a powerful insecticide smoke or mist into the atmosphere, penetrating even the hardest to reach places in your room, killing all fleas in its path.
  • Flea Killer Kits contain all the necessary products required to control a flea infestation. They offer a three staged attack against these annoying, blood sucking insects, by combining the protection of a Long Lasting Residual Insecticide Spray, the deep penetrating power of a Smoke Generating Fumer and a Dusting Powder that can be sprinkled around pet bedding and in cracks and crevices.
Flea Problems
These little parasites can bite hundreds of times and consume up to fifteen times its’ own body weight in your pets blood. The discomfort caused by the regular biting results in your pet scratching incessantly as they search for relief. What you may not realise is that the fleas can also cause anemia and they may even infect your dog with tapeworms.

Identifying a Flea Infestation
You won’t always see the actual offenders, but you can find evidence of them. The first sign is usually your pet scratching intensely on a regular basis. Look at your feet the next time you wear white socks through the house to see if there are fleas attached to the socks. The little parasites will be attracted to the vibrations and you will easily see them on the white socks.
Start by looking closely at your pet’s skin. Take the fur and part it so you can see the skin. If you see little black specks, then you are looking at evidence of fleas. You can also purchase a special flea comb that has the teeth set very close together. Run this comb through your dog or cat’s fur around the nape of the neck and you will probably pick up a few of the stowaways. You will probably pick up several of the dark specks. Drop them on a wet paper towel to see if they turn red. If they do then your pet has fleas.

Pest Control for Fleas
When treating for fleas, it is important to treat the entire environment of the home using products available from Pest Control Supplies. Fleas not only survive by living on your pet, they will use your pet’s bedding, the household carpet, skirting boards and even the garden to lay their eggs. You can comb off every flea that currently resides on your poor abused pet and you will still be left with a serious infestation as new fleas are hatched. The battle can be never-ending, but here are some tips to help you succeed.

Flea Treatment
You should treat your pet as often as you can; this is your first port of call as this will also help kill any fleas that jump onto your pet that may have been hiding in the house. Flea killers like shampoos and sprays can be used on your pet to effectively eliminate the adult fleas from your pets. Please consult your veterinarian before using any products on your pet.
Proper flea control treatment for fleas starts with fumigation, using, for example, the Pest Expert Formula P Fogger. The fog will invade all areas where the fleas may be hiding, effectively killing the fleas, larvae and pupae. It is possible that some will be missed. To ensure that all the fleas are killed, you will probably have to fumigate once a week for several weeks to ensure that the all fleas are destroyed.
However, the most effective pest control method is to use the vacuum cleaner for flea removal. During the periods of infestations, the home should be vacuumed on a daily basis. All bedding, carpets and furniture should be vacuumed to remove adult fleas, eggs and larvae. Take the time to vacuum along skirting boards and under pieces of furniture. When the chore is done, drop the contaminated dust bag and all the captured fleas in the rubbish can outside. Do not leave the bag in the vacuum inside the house because the fleas are still alive and will crawl out. You might also want to put some distance between the rubbish can and the house to be on the safe side.
Bedding that can be washed in the washing machine should be washed in the hottest water possible. Be sure to wash the bedding every few days to catch and kill the fleas in all stages of the life cycle.
Strong residual insecticides can also be used in the treatment of fleas, for example Formula C Flea Killer Spray or Formula P Flea Killer Powder. They immediately kill any fleas and then the active ingredient remains on the surface to kill any insect emerging from eggs that escaped the initial treatment. Smite Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder can be applied directly to cats or dogs and on their bedding safely.

Flea Repellent
Effective pest control can actually start with your pets’ diet. There are tablets that can be given to your dog. It works quickly and will drive adult fleas off your dog. Another excellent option is an insect growth regulator that can be given to your dog orally on a monthly basis. The fleas that land on your pet become unable to reproduce, effectively halting any flea infestation in its tracks. Other external pet flea treatments are be available from your pet store and vet.
Insect control for fleas can be difficult. They are amazing at multiplying, with the female laying hundreds of eggs. An infestation can take over your home and cause serious pain for your pets as well as the entire family. There are no local authorities that will handle the problem for you, but you can win the battle with perseverance and consistent treatments. Always use care when using treatments in the home and read the instructions as these can be harmful to your pet.