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Mouse Control - How to Get Rid of Mice

Even the cleanest home can fall victim to invasions of mice. They find ways in, and once they are in the warmth of your home they will not want to leave. Some local authorities provide Pest Control Services but they often charge for this, or they may refer you to external contractors if they do not have the facility. However help is at hand. With the right products from Pest Control Supplies you can address the situation yourself in a cost effective way.

Eliminate Mice in 4 Easy Steps
Signs of Mice
It's important to know the signs of mice so you can identify and treat the problem quickly. Seeing a mouse scurry across the floor is not the ideal way to discover you have a rodent problem, especially as this can give them time to breed and start taking over the household. For early tell-tale signs keep on the look-out for small black droppings near food and listen for any scratching noises.
Signs of gnawing on furniture, woodwork and other areas of your home are a cause for concern. A mysterious, musky or ammonia-like odour can also indicate the presence of these little vermin. Finally, watch for mouse smears. These are grease marks that the mice will leave behind as they brush against stationary objects. Indications of mice also include shredded insulation or cardboard that they have torn up to make nests.

The Dangers of Mice
An isolated sighting of a mouse may not seem like a big deal, especially as they are regarded by some as cute however be warned as mice can harbour disease and spread infections like salmonella. They can also tear up your home with their chewing and will contaminate food. If you have a business, the mice can actually cause serious problems, including the risk of being shut down by the Environmental Health department and the loss of reputation and customers.

Rodent Control
There are many methods available for mouse removal when you are trying to protect your property and your family. Some are more humane than others. Some are safer for use around children. All are easy to use and quite effective. Here's what you need to know about ridding your home of theses uninvited house guests.

Mouse Poison
The bait can be set down in areas where mice are likely to travel, such as the back of cabinets and under appliances. They will eat the bait, return to their nest and perish. It's easy and effective, although it can cause a problem if the deceased body starts to smell as it decomposes. Mouse poison contains anti-coagulants which slowly kill the mice over a period of time, this is to ensure that other mice will continue to eat the bait and not immediately associate it with death.

Mouse Traps
One form of mouse control is to use a mouse trap, the advantage of mouse traps are that you will be able to see when a mouse is captured, allowing you to feel you are making progress in the war on rodents. The traps are generally disposable; you simply throw the mouse and the trap out with the rubbish. They also eliminate the problem of a dead rodent hidden somewhere you can't easily access to dispose of it.

Humane Mouse Control
Death to mice is not the only solution to a rodent problem. We have a large range of humane mouse repellers and humane mouse traps available that can be used to control a mouse infestation without causing harm to mice. They can either be repelled using Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic Repellers. or trapped live using a livecatch mouse trap, which is essential to check the trap frequently several times a day, and release the rodent outside of the property.