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Insecto Poultry Mite Destroyer Bomb 150ml

A simple fogger device, once set off will kill most red mites in a coop or house, including in hard to reach cracks & crevices.
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The Insecto Poultry Mite Destroyer Bomb is an automatic release aerosol that once set off will clear a chicken coop or house of most red poultry mites it comes into contact with, including mites hiding in hard to reach places such as cracks and crevices. This product has a specially designed nozzle, which can be turned off mid-spray making it ideal for multiple treatments.

Most insects hide away from view and are difficult to control with hand sprays. However once the Insecto Poultry Mite Destroyer Bomb has been released it will penetrate all ‘nooks and crannies’ and kill all the insects in sight and those out of sight. This product is an innovative solution for the toughest pest problems and is one of our best selling products into the professional UK pest control market.

Contains the active ingredient Permethrin 0.50% w/w.

  • Automatically clears rooms from all known insects
  • Used by professionals
  • Easy to use around the home
  • Targets all flying and crawling insects
  • Simply remove the security tab and press the nozzle down with a quarter turn clockwise to start automatic release

Note: When using insecticide sprays, powders or fumers, we strongly recommend wearing protective respirator face masks, to prevent accidental exposure. These can found in our Protective Clothing Section.

How To Use Insecto Poultry Mite Destroyer Bomb

  1. Ensure all living organisms are out of the room i.e. people, plants, pets etc.
  2. Remove or cover all fish tanks and bowls before application.
  3. Cover all water storage tanks.
  4. Remove all food and drink. Do not contaminate foodstuffs, eating utensils or food contact surfaces.
  5. Close all windows, doors and ventilation of the premises before starting the treatment - for indoor use only.
  6. Put the aerosol onto the floor, in the middle of the area to begin treatment. Push and twist the trigger to activate and leave the premise.
  7. Aerosol will emit mist for approximately 2.5 minutes until empty.
  8. Leave the treated room for 90 - 120 minutes. When you re-enter the room fully aerate the room and ensure there is adequate ventilation.
  9. Please note that if there are areas in which the smoke cannot penetrate, these need to be treated with sprays and/or powders.
  10. Use Pesticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
  11. In cases of heavy infestations these bombs should be used as part of a multi-pronged attack.

Please click on the video below for further information on How To Use Insecto Poultry Mite Destroyer Bomb:

Users must comply in full with all their legal responsibilities under the control of pesticides regulations 1986 (as amended) including complying with all conditions of approval.

Read all precautions before use. HSE 9316

For use only as an Insecticide:

  • 50ml Aerosol can treat 50M³
  • 150ml Aerosol can treat 150M³

Click Below To View the Product Safety Data Sheet

Insecto Poultry Mite Destroyer Bomb Safety Data Sheet Insecto Poultry Mite Destroyer Bomb Safety Data Sheet

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