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Lureking Bed Bug Monitoring Trap Pack of 10

Discreet & effective method for trapping and monitoring a bed bug infestation. Capable of trapping all nymphs and adults.
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The Lureking Bed Bug Monitoring Trap is effective for trapping bed bugs through developmental stages from nymphs to adult bed bugs. Simply place the trap on the bedroom floor next to the skirting board, under the headboard of the bed. This allows for an effective and discreet monitoring of the presence of bed bugs.

The trap is an designed to be a tool for assessing the severity of bed bug infestation and can be used to monitor even low levels of bed bug infestations, either before or after treatment commences - they should not be used as a sole form of control. Comes as a pack of 10 individual traps for increased catch rates.

  • Easy to Use
  • Discreet & Effective.
  • Pesticide & Insecticide Free.
  • Capable of trapping all the bedbugs developmental stages
  • Table on the back for recording 'Placement Date', 'Room No.', and 'Initials' of person checking

How To Use the AgriSense Bed Bug Monitoring Trap

  1. Separate from traps along the perforated line.
  2. Peel away and remove the protective cover off the glue attractant.
  3. Fold the trap, remembering to fold the sides of the trap to ensure bed bugs can't escape.
  4. Place trap on floor next to the skirting board under the headboard of the bed.
  5. The trap should be left in place for 1 week and then inspected.
  6. Depending on the severity of your bed bug infestation we recommend using a combination of cleaning, fumers or foggers, insecticide sprays and dusting powder. See our Bed Bug Killer Products.

When to use:

  • For identifying infestations in bedrooms within flats, care homes, hotels etc. - triggering treatment and control of affected areas.
  • Following treatment, the traps are able to give an indication of how effective the control has been and if subsequent follow-up treatments are necessary.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Ratman -
Grimsby, N.E. Lincolnshire

Do the job. Used these to check for bed bugs in a caravan. Cheap and easy to use. Excellent web site. Will definitely use again.

5 Stars
operation bugs -

Excellent. Gr8 product did what it needed 2 do

5 Stars
Su -

Fast delivery product as described, it can be hidden in spare bed and glue does not stick to sheets.

5 Stars
Midlander -
East Anglia

The product was promptly delivered and easy to use. So far the system seems to have worked.

5 Stars
Keith -
Tyne & Wear

Does the job like it says.

JohnL -

Effective product.

Very quick delivery, and product has been used for two weeks under a wooden bed frame with slats and appears to work well, only one or two bugs found now instead of 50 or 60, will keep using once per week and see how it goes. Looks good!

5 Stars
Naveen -

This is to help you to find if you have any bedbug and destroy them.

Great product.

5 Stars
Carmen -

These do work at trapping the bugs and helped me discover i had them in another room after already treating one room.

5 Stars
Benfleet -

Gives an indication as to whether you have eradicated the bed bugs, after using the killer sprays.

Excellent service, items delivered in plain packaging, very quick delivery, and was kept informed all the way. Thank-you

5 Stars
Bugs -

Great product for detecting the problem.

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