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Moles do not pose any danger to you or your family. However, they do pose a significant danger to your gardens and lawn. Their digging and mole ridges can spoil the appearance of your property. Moles must consume their body weight every day, with earthworms being their favourite food. Without these worms the nitrogen cycle in your lawn will be interrupted ultimately killing off your cherished garden. These little critters can be controlled using Mole Traps.

Mole Traps
Moles can be trapped in the same manner as mice and rats. However, moles are harder to trap than many other pests so patience and diligence will be required. There are some steps you can take to help make the traps more effective. One method is to bury the traps for a few weeks before actually using them. This will give them an earthy scent that will not set off alarms for the unsuspecting intruder

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