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Mouse Bait Boxes for Mouse Poison Blocks (Pack of 8)

Pest Expert Mouse Poison Bait Boxes (Pack of 8) are designed to securely house mouse poison bait blocks or bait sachets. Each box provides both discreet and safe housing for mouse poison, perfect for use within either a home or business premises.
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Pest Expert Mouse Poison Bait Boxes (Pack of 8) are perfect for safely eradicate mice infestations in areas occupied by children and/or pets. Each discreet box enables safer use of our mouse poison bait blocks or poison sachets within any home or business.

Each mouse bait box has a locking mechanism, restricting access to poison from children and non-target species.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Farmerjohn -

Does the job.

Ideal box for corners or even where the space is limited. Rats seem to like to go in.

5 Stars
Jon -

Happy with this stuff. Easy to use.

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