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Mouse Poison Bait Blocks 300g (15 blocks)

Pest Expert Formula 'B' mouse poison bait blocks contain an industrial strength rodenticide, now approved for amateur use. With the active ingredient Brodifacoum at the maximum legal concentration, Formula 'B' mouse poison bait blocks deliver a highly palatable rodenticide, thanks to a special blend of foodstuffs.
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Pest Expert Formula 'B' Mouse Poison Bait Blocks contain an industrial strength rodenticide, now approved for amateur use.

Containing the strongest concentration of Brodifacoum – This should NOT be confused with the weaker, less potent rodenticide, Bromadiolone.  

Despite what many companies claim, Pest Expert Formula B+ provides the strongest range of rat and mouse poisons available in the UK and is designed to kill in a single feed.

Proven to be up to 4 x stronger than other poisons containing Bromadiolone or Difenacoum, the result with Pest Expert Rodenticides is always faster, more effective control and therefore better value for money! 

With the active ingredient Brodifacoum at the maximum legal concentration, Formula 'B' mouse poison bait blocks deliver a highly palatable rodenticide, thanks to a special blend of foodstuffs.

Formula 'B' mouse poison provides the perfect choice for rapid eradication of all mice infestations, large or small, indoors or outdoors around buildings. Also available in various pack sizes, or Pest Expert Mouse Poison Killer Kits - See related products below or "Mice" category page.

Place bait where there are signs of rodent activity, like fresh droppings, inside or near nests and burrows, runways and rodent feeding places. Place bait points throughout the infested area. It is generally much more efficient to use a larger number of small bait points compared to a smaller number of large bait points. Large bait points increase the risk to wildlife and to other non-target animals.

For rat infestations: use bait points of up to 200g. place bait points 10m apart reducing to 5m in high infestations. Do not move or disturb bait points for several days after laying bait. If no signs of rat activity are seen near the bait after 7-10 days, move the bait to an area of higher rat activity.

For mouse infestations: Use bait points of up to 40g. place bait points 5m apart reducing to 2m in high infestations. Mice are very inquisitive and it may help the control program to move baits every 2-3 days at the time when bait points are inspected and/or topped up.


  • Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after use.
  • For use only in areas that are in accessible to infants, children, companion animals and non-target animals.
  • Prevent access to bait by children. Birds and non-target animals (particularly dogs, cats, pigs and poultry).
  • Baits must be securely deposited in a way so as to minimize the risk of consumption by other animals or children. Where possible, secure baits so that they cannot be dragged away.
  • Unless under the supervision of a pest control operator or other competent person, do not use anticoagulant rodenticides as permanent baits. In most cases, anticoagulant bait should have achieved control within 35 days. Should activity continue beyond this time, the likely cause should be determined.
  • Keep locked up and out of the reach of children.
  • Search for and remove dead rodents at frequent intervals during treatment, at least as often as when baits are checked and/or replenished. Daily inspection may be required in some circumstances.
  • Dispose of dead rodents in accordance with local requirements.
  • In the UK poisoned rodents should be double-bagged using plastic bags and either disposed of in a household waste bin with a secure lid to prevent access of wildlife or pets or collected by a specialist waste contractor or the local authority.
  • When the product is being used in public areas, the areas treated must be marked during the treatment period and a notice explaining the risk of primary or secondary poisoning by the anticoagulant as well as indicating the first measures to be taken in case of poisoning must be made available alongside the baits.
When tamper resistant bait stations are used, they should be clearly marked to show that they contain rodenticide and that they should not be disturbed.
This product is authorised under Biocidal Product Regulations 2001 for use as directed.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Martin -

Bait blocks

Never seen any more mice or rats since using these blocks

5 Stars
tfl -

Excellent product. This product works very well! Happy neighbours again... :-)

5 Stars


5 Stars
Shocked -

Does what has to be done.

Had a problem that traps where just not doing enough this mixed with the attractant is a last resort and had multiple rodents on them within a few hours - brought to light the true size of our problem - Enviromental been involved and shocked to say the least that these thing work better than the boards they use !!!

5 Stars
Unlucky -

Look good but not used as cat got there first.

5 Stars
Agricultural -

Product does a good job.

5 Stars
Sandy -
West Sussex

Easy to Use,

5 Stars
Paul -
South east

All gone after 2 days they took 24 blocks must of had a lot.

5 Stars
Rich -

Does what is says on the box!

Easy to use blocks that appear to be doing the job as the amount we are seeing has reduced now. Need to keep applying for a while yet though but also a very good idea to secure the blocks in position in the secure bait boxes.

5 Stars
Ratty -

Good product.

Used for mice in house and it worked.

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