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Mouse Traps

Mouse Traps are very effective at controlling mice infestations and provide peace of mind knowing that the measures you have chosen are working. Our powerful Mouse Traps ensure that you are not left with the unpleasant task of killing the mouse yourself. Mouse Traps are ideal in chemical sensitive areas and where exposure to poisons is a risk to non-target animals.

Not all mouse control products have to result in death. Humane Mouse Traps are a safe, friendly way to deal with unwanted mice. Simply locate your baited trap where mouse activity has recently been observed and wait for the mouse to be captured. Once captured, release the mouse at least a quarter of a mile away to ensure it does not return.

4  Product(s)
Pest Expert Advanced Mouse Traps Twin Pack
The Pest Expert Advanced Mouse Traps are high quality and robust snap traps that provide an effective and easy method of eradicating mice from a home or business. The Pest Expert Advanced Mouse Trap is a long-lasting alternative to bait and is highly powerful, simple to set and re-useable. Each pack contains 2 mouse traps.
£8.95 inc. VAT
Pest-Stop Multi Catch Metal Mouse Trap for Up To 10 Mice
High quality live catch mouse trap made from galvanised steel designed to catch and hold up to 10 mice at the same time.
£8.99 inc. VAT
RRP: £9.99
Rentokil Quick Set Mouse Traps Twin Packed
The Quick-Set mouse trap from Rentokil can be set and released with one simple click, allowing you to dispose of the mouse without touching it. Delivering high catch rates, this trap is perfect for eradicating mice internally. Each pack contains 2 mouse traps.
£5.95 inc. VAT
Rentokil Seal & Kill Hygienic Mouse Trap Twin Pack
The Rentokil Seal and Kill Mouse Trap is an easy-to-set enclosed mouse trap which dispatches mice quickly, cleanly and discreetly. The Seal and Kill Trap locks the dead rodent inside the unit, enabling you to dispose of it hygienically without making direct contact with dead mice. Each pack contains 2 mouse traps.
£11.95 inc. VAT