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Oa2ki Organic Flea Killer Trigger Spray 500ml

Kills fleas and other crawling and flying insects by physical means, without the use of chemicals.
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Oa2ki Organic Flea Killer Trigger Spray uses physical means in which to kill ants fleas, bed bugs and other crawling and flying insects. The Oa2ki spray is pesticide free and is safe to use in chemical sensitive areas.

  • Contains natural plant oils.
  • For indoor & outdoor use.
  • Ready To Use Trigger Spray

How To Use Oa2ki Organic Flea Killer Trigger Spray

  1. Shake bottle well before use.
  2. If possible, spray the product directly onto the insect pest or the areas they frequent.
  3. For Ants - spray the entrance to the ants nest and if possible, open the nest and spray directly onto the eggs. Indoors, apply product where trailing ants are seen.
  4. For Fleas - Oa2ki can be sprayed directly onto pet bedding and is effective against flea adults, larvae and eggs.
  5. Other Insect Pests - Product can be applied to cracks and crevices where insects may hide or enter the home.
  6. If problem persists repeat treatment weekly.

Note: As this products works by physical means, without the use of poisons, control of pests may take slightly longer.

    Additional Product Information

    • Avoid spraying near highly polished wax surfaces.
    • Do not spray directly onto animals or plants.
    • Product may mark or darken absorbent surfaces. These marks should disappear within a few days, but if in doubt, spray a small test area first.

    Click Below To View the Product Safety Data Sheet

    Oa2ki Organic Flea Killer Trigger Spray Safety Data Sheet Oa2ki Organic Flea Killer Trigger Spray Safety Data Sheet

    Customer Reviews

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    5 Stars
    Mick1611 -
    Harefield middx

    Very good and easy to use.

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