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Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killer Kit for 2 Bedrooms

This Clothes Moth Killer Kit enables you to carry out a comprehensive clothes moth treatment to two bedrooms or two double wardrobes, using a range of the best clothes moth killer products from market leaders Pest Expert including: Formula 'C+' Clothes Moth Spray, Formula ‘P’ Clothes Moth Fogger, Moth Killer Cassettes, Moth Killer Papers and Demi Diamond Moth Trap. The combination of insecticides delivers a rapid knockdown of clothes moth and helps maintain long-lasting clothes moth control. Supplied with full instructions for use.
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This Clothes Moth Killer Kit enables you to carry out a comprehensive clothes moth treatment to two bedrooms or two double wardrobe. The combination of insecticides in the Kit delivers a rapid knockdown of clothes moth and helps maintain long-lasting clothes moth control.

Our Clothes Moth Kits contain a range of the best clothes moth killer products from market leaders Pest Expert:

1 x Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Clothes Moth Spray 1L: This triple action clothes moth killer is for application to clothing storage units, carpets, rugs, soft furnishings or anywhere in the home for effective control of clothes moths. Covers 50 sq m.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

2 x Pest Expert Formula 'P' Clothes Moth Fogger: A powerful one-shot aerosol for fumigating clothes moth infestations.

2 x Demi Diamond Moth Trap and Holder: Slow release pheromone trap for aiding early detection, monitoring activity following treatment and disrupting the moth breeding cycle. A pheromone pad lasts 8-12 weeks.

2 x Pest Expert Moth Killer Cassettes (Twinpack): For use in wardrobes for the protection of woollen, silk and cashmere clothing. One twin pack will protect a standard double wardrobe. Each unit is effective for up to 6 months.

1 x Pest Expert Moth Killer Papers (Twinpack): For use in drawers for the protection of woollen, silk and cashmere clothing. Foldable sheets which can be cut to size and inserted into drawers to protect garments. One Strip will protect a large drawer or approx 1m³. Each strip is effective for up to 6 months.

The Kit is also supplied with step-by-step instructions to explain how to carry out a complete professional-standard clothes moth treatment using the clothes moth products provided.

Clothes Moth Treatment Kit Intermediate
This kit is sufficient to treat two rooms.

How to use Pest Expert Formula C Clothes Moth Killer Spray

1. Screw the spraying mechanism tightly into the bottle.
2. Apply 1 litre of Formula C per 20 square metres or directly at insects.
3. Allow 45 minutes – 1 hour for the solution to dry.
4. Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves.
5. Cover all water storage and fish tanks before application.

SPACE TREATMENT: Apply 1 to 4 ml of product per m3 as a fine mist
SURFACE SPRAY: apply 20 ml of product per m2, slightly wetting the surfaces to be protected.

Use Insecticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

How to use Pest Expert Formula P Clothes Moth Killer Fogger
Shake well before use

1. Close all windows, open all drawers and cupboards
2. Remove cap
3. Place aerosol canister in the centre of the room
4. Press down completely on the perforated side of the nozzle and leave the room
5. Close the door behind you
The can will take approximately 90 seconds to empty and is sufficient to treat an area of up to 150m3 for flies, 40m3 for moths and fleas, and 20m3 for bed bugs, cockroaches and other crawling insets.

Use Insecticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Full instructions are included with the Clothes Moth Treatment Kit Intermediate.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Sarah -

Nice Weather, not so nice Insects

Had to get something as with the recent good weather and having all the doors and windows open it's like open season for insects.

5 Stars
Alan -

Fast delivery of an effective product

5 Stars
Sandra -

Good value and service.

Always next day delivery with a known time and the products work. Very clear instructions too.

5 Stars
Mary -

Very good speedy service,I would use your company again & I would highly recommend you, very good products!

5 Stars
Josh -

These products are great. Does exactly what it says it will with straightforward instructions. The Company service was efficient with excellent communication about the status of the order and delivery. I'd be more than happy to purchase again and definitely will be recommending to others.

5 Stars
Gordon -

A very reasonably priced kit to attack clothes moths. Arrived quickly. Straightforward to use and seems to be working. Result!

5 Stars
Terry -

The website description and guidance on what product to buy were very useful. Competitive pricing. We received updates on the status of our order and it arrived promptly and well packed. The instructions were clear and the products easy to use. We haven’t seen a return of our clothes moths and remain optimistic! Thank you for a very good service.

5 Stars
Laura -

Helpful advice and effective products. Very happy. Or at least as happy as one can be when having to deal with a moth problem.

5 Stars
Simon -

First class service. Ordered in the afternoon delivered the next morning. Excellent products

5 Stars
Judy -

Fast efficient service. After one application, I managed to get rid of the moths in my clothes. I hope I will not have to deal with them again but there is plenty of moth killer left in case of any further problems. I am so relieved that I have eliminated them so quickly.

5 Stars
Michael -

Ordered and delivered on time - comperehensive coverage of delivery tracking with text updates. Item well packaged and good value (compared to similar products elsewhere). Would definately use again.

5 Stars
Rob -

Brilliant, received next morning before I was even up!

Product kit has cleared the problem, can't ask for more.

5 Stars
Ian -

Order arrived the next day as promised. Quality of products looks very professional. Clear instructions provided, and it appears as if the products have done the job! A very good customer experience, well done.

5 Stars
Tommy -

Fast, efficient, but most importantly their products work without breaking the bank. Had to do two rounds to eliminate clothes moths but was very happy with results.

5 Stars
Chris -

Such a good company to order from...great service and great website.

Products came quickly with no problem and instructions were easy to follow. As for the Moths? time will tell but no sightings since the treatment.

5 Stars
Rupert -

Good products, good service

Very good overall

5 Stars
Linda -

Found we had carpet moths - ordered the equipment from Pest Control Supplies - box arrived no problem - spent the weekend spraying and all seems okay at the moment. If the blighters come back we know where to go for some more!

5 Stars
Harry -

Every part of my order was carried out in a first class manor ,

I was kept well informed and delivery arrived as promised.

The product was excellant and again could not have asked

for more.

Nice to find nowadays that there are still companies that do

what they say.

5 Stars
Malcolm -

This was a very useful purchase and seems to have helped to eradicate the problem. Very prompt delivery and no problems.

5 Stars
Harvey -

Very pleased with the product.quick and easy to use, received the following day after ordering. Thank you

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