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Pest Expert Formula 'B' Rat Killer Poison 1kg - 10 x 100g (Maximum Strength)

Pest Expert Formula 'B' is an industrial strength rat poison approved for amateur use. Manufactured in the UK, using only the highest quality grain and containing Brodifacoum at the maximum legal strength.
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Pest Expert Formula 'B' strong rat poison, is an industrial strength rodenticide approved for amateur use. Containing the strongest concentration of Brodifacoum – This should NOT be confused with the weaker, less potent rodenticide, Bromadiolone. Despite what many companies claim, Pest Expert Formula B+ provides the strongest range of rat and mouse poisons available in the UK and is designed to kill in a single feed.​​​​​​​ Proven to be up to 4 x stronger than other poisons containing Bromadiolone or Difenacoum, the result with Pest Expert Rodenticides is always faster, more effective control and therefore better value for money! Manufactured in the UK, using only the highest quality grain and containing Brodifacoum at the maximum legal strength, Formula 'B' has been scientifically proven to far outperform other poisons on the market. Formula 'B' rat poison provides the perfect choice for rapid eradication of all rat infestations, large or small, indoors or outdoors around buildings. Also available in various pack sizes, or Pest Expert Rat Poison Killer Kits - See related products below or "Rat" category page.

Contains Brodifacoum at 0.0029% w/w 
Authorisation No: UK-2017-1051-0002
Use Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

How to Use Pest Expert Formula B Rat Killer Poison

1. For control of rats use 100g of Formula B poison per bait point. For best results and improved catch rates, place additional bait points up to 10m apart. For heavier rat infestations, place the bait points closer together, approximately 5m apart.
2. The bait should be placed in secure locations such as bait stations, where rats have been seen running or feeding. Indoors this would include under cupboards, behind furniture or in loft spaces, sheds or garages. Outdoors, this would include behind boards or tiles or inside lengths of pipe.
3. Bait should be securely fastened and always protect bait from non-target animals, children and water.
4. Inspect bait points every two days and replenish eaten, damaged or contaminated poison until no more bait is taken.
5. Remove all alternative food sources to ensure uptake of the poison and lethal doses are consumed.

Use Rodenticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.



To avoid risk to man and the environment, comply with the instructions for use.

  • Do not open sachets.
  • Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after use.
  • Keep locked up and out the reach of children
  • For use only in areas that are inaccessible to infants, children, companion animals and non-target animals.
  • Prevent access to bait by children, birds and non-target animals (particularly dogs, cats, pigs and poultry).
  • Where possible, secure baits so that they cannot be dragged away.
  • Unless under the supervision of a pest control operator or other competent person, do not use anticoagulant rodenticides as permanent baits. In most cases, anticoagulant bait should have achieved control within 35 days. Should activity continue beyond this time, the likely cause should be determined.
  • Search for and remove dead rodents at frequent intervals during treatment, at least as often as when baits are checked and/or replenished. Daily inspection may be required in some circumstances.
  • Dispose of dead in accordance with local requirements. In the UK, poisoned rodents should be double-bagged using plastic bags and either disposed of in household waste bin with secure lid to prevent access of wildlife or pets collected by a specialist waste contactor or local authority.

Antidote vitamin k1 (under medical supervision). UK medical professionals should contact the National Poisons Information Service ( for further advice.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Mr Chitterlin -

Works well highly visible if spilled

5 Stars
Porthmasox -

Good stuff!

Worked well. Instructions nice and clear. Delivery of product outstanding.

5 Stars
Henry -

Thank you for your quick and prompt service. The District Council in its infinite wisdom have decided what was once a free service, is now chargeable in the sum of ?40. We have regular outbreaks in the village and I'm afraid the Council have done themselves no favours whatsoever. They use the same type product that I have since purchased from yourselves at a fraction of their costs...........rats beware I'm armed and ready. The Council will not be exploiting this tax payer again !!! Thank you Pest Control Supplies

5 Stars

Simple and easy purchase backed up by excellent service. Great site.

5 Stars


5 Stars
Andy -

No problems, thanks.

5 Stars
Ratter -

Worked prmptly.

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