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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fumer Flea Bombs 3.5g (Twin Pack)

Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fumers are flea smoke bombs for fumigating flea infestations. They release a smoke which can penetrate into cracks and crevices to kill fleas harbouring there. Two Twinpacks are required to treat a standard room.
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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fumers are flea smoke bombs for fumigating flea infestations. Once lit, they release a smoke which can penetrate into cracks and crevices to kill fleas harbouring there.

Formula 'P' Fumers contain the powerful flea killing insecticide permethrin (13.25% w/w).

Each 3.5g Fumer will treat an area of approx 30 cubic m, so you will need to use 1-2 Fumers for an average-sized room of approx 4m x 4m.

As there is no long-lasting effect once the smoke has dispersed, we recommend use alongside residual insecticides such as Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Flea Spray and Formula 'P' Flea Powder.

How To Use Formula P Fumer Flea Smoke Bombs

  1. Consider how many fumers you need for the room to be treated. Heavy infestations may require more than one application.
  2. Clear people and animals including fish from the room before use.
  3. Place canister(s) spaced out on the floor surface on a heat resistant surface e.g. a plate on top of a sheet of aluminium foil 50cm x 50cm. IMPORTANT: THIS PRODUCT MAY EMIT SOME SPARKS UPON IGNITION. CAUTION MUST BE TAKEN WHEN LIGHTING THE PRODUCT.
  4. Make the area to be fumigated as smoke tight as possible by closing all windows etc.
  5. Open canister(s) and light the fuse on the canister furthest from your exit point first, then light the next fumer and move towards your exit point. Close the door on exit, it is not necessary to seal the door with tape.
  6. Leave for at least 2 hours but preferably overnight and then ventilate the room thoroughly.
  7. For severe infestations fumigate 3 times at 5 to 7 day intervals.
Apply at a rate of one generator per:
  • 120m3 for flying insects
  • 30m3 for fleas and carpet moths; or
  • 7.5m3 for bed bugs, ants and cockroaches
Use Pesticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Additional Product Information

Vacate treatment area before application. Cover food, food preparing equipment and eating utensils before application. Remove or cover all foodstuffs before application. Do not apply to surfaces on which food or feed is stored, prepared or eaten. Remove or cover fish tanks and bowls before application. Keep in a safe place away from children and sources of ignition. Dispose of used generator safely. Read all precautions before use. For use only as an insecticide.

  • Extremely dangerous to fish and other aquatic life.
  • Harmful by inhalation and if swallowed.
  • May cause sensitisation by skin contact.

Ventilate areas thoroughly after application. Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after use. This product is approved under the control of pesticides regulation 1986 (as amended) for use as directed HSE No: 9233.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Janey Sue -

Goodbye pesky Fleas!!

It does what it states!! The fleas are gone!! Now I need something to stop the cat getting fleas in the first place!!

5 Stars
JF -

I bought this product because I had fleas in my bedroom which were brought in in a pair of curtains bought from a charity shop. I was bitten every night no matter what treatments I used to eradicate them. However, just one treatment of the flea destroyer bomb and have not been bitten since. It is an amazing product and recommend it highly.

5 Stars
Carole -

War with fleas!

The bombs were simple to use, and did not smell unpleasant when we got back home (I have asthma). We have found the odd flea still living, and might try again when we have de-cluttered.

5 Stars
Shish -

Great product. Does what it says on the container.

Would highly recommend. Great service and fast delivery as normal.

5 Stars
Blonkins -

Top stuff.

Great product and great service. Flea bomb turned up next day delivery and worked a treat.

5 Stars
Renovator -

Used the flea bomb in hallway outside 3 flea ridden bedrooms, left bedroom doors open and after three hours checked inside and found only 1 flea alive. Will repeat to ensure it's definitely killed them all

5 Stars
Liz -

The product arrived very promptly, which was great , it does what it says on the tin. I can recommend that clears the problem but users must read the instructions very carefully.

5 Stars

Reduced numbers but needed extra treatment to try & get rid of completely.

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