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Pest Expert Formula 'P+' Ultimate Bed Bug Killer Insecticide Concentrate (Makes 10L)

Pest Expert Formula ‘P+’ Ultimate Bed Bug Killer is a new-to-market professional-strength insecticide concentrate and is the only product on the UK market containing three active ingredients: Tetramethrin (0.9%), Permethrin (6%) and PBO which have only recently been approved for amateur use meaning it cannot be found anywhere else, making it the strongest and most effective bed bug killer on the amateur market. A 100ml concentrate bottle will dilute to make up to 10L and will treat 100 square metres. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER PRICE - NORMALLY £49.95
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Pest Expert Formula ‘P+’ Ultimate Bed Bug Killer is a new-to-market maximum-strength insecticide concentrate from Pest Expert, which dilutes to make up to 10L (7.5L on porous surfaces). It is the only product on the UK market that contains this unique combination of active ingredients, meaning no other product can compete with its ability to rapidly control any level of bed bug infestation, from minor to severe.

The combination of powerful active ingredients, Tetramethin, Permethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO) provide unbeatable results, even in the most difficult of situations. Tetramethin provides a fast-acting knockdown of bed bugs whilst Permethrin maintains control through leaving a potent, long-lasting residue which continues to kill bed bugs. Piperonyl Butoxide significantly enhances the efficacy of the product which attacks the central nervous system of bed bugs on contact and/or when ingested. This combination of active ingredients render Formula ‘P+’ Ultimate Bed Bug Killer the strongest insecticide on the amateur market, making it the perfect solution to a bed bug infestation.

The unique advanced formulation makes this highly effective bed bug killer perfect for use in a wide array of situations. It can be used to treat bed bug infestations in domestic premises such as houses and caravans but also can be used in commercial situations such as hotels, B&B’s, hospitals and vehicles. Formula ‘P+’ is perfect for applying to bed frames, mattresses, headboards, carpets and other areas where bed bugs may reside and will not cause damage, taint or tarnish any household furnishings.

This is an insecticide concentrate so needs to be diluted -

Flying insects: Dilute 25ml of the product in 5L of water.

Crawling insects: Dilute 50ml of the product in 5L of water for use on non-porous surfaces (wood, glass, ceramics), and 75ml of the product in 5L of water for use on porous surfaces (carpets, concrete).

To achieve a professional application, it is recommended that the spray is applied with a pressure sprayer.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Henry -

Just brilliant! I've used a lot of bed bug sprays in my time but this was far better than anything I've used. It worked so fast and effectively - highly recommended!

5 Stars
Sarah-Jane -

I cannot express how well this product works! We had a rather severe bed bug infestation and used many sprays from various manufacturers and this was quite clearly far more advanced than any of the others. Within a couple of days the bed bugs we gone and we haven't seen any for weeks.

5 Stars
Gary -

Fast delivery of a brilliant and effective product! Absolutely no complaints, this worked wonders in our sons bedroom! Would recommend to anyone dealing with a bed bug problem!

5 Stars
Abdi -

The strongest spray I've used and the most effective by a long way! The bed bugs were killed quick

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