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Pest Expert Formula 'P+' Ultimate Cockroach Killer Insecticide Concentrate (Makes 10L)

Pest Expert Formula ‘P+’ Advanced Cockroach Killer is a new-to-market maximum-strength insecticide concentrate from Pest Expert, which dilutes to make up to 10L (7.5L on porous surfaces). It is the only product on the UK market that contains this unique combination of active ingredients, meaning no other product can compete with its ability to rapidly control any level of cockroach infestation, from minor to severe.
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The combination of powerful active ingredients, Tetramethin, Permethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO) provide unbeatable results, even in the most difficult of situations. Tetramethin provides a fast-acting knockdown of cockroaches whilst Permethrin maintains control through leaving a potent, long-lasting residue which continues to kill cockroaches. Piperonyl Butoxide significantly enhances the efficacy of the product which attacks the central nervous system of cockroaches on contact and/or when ingested. This combination of active ingredients render Formula ‘P+’ Ultimate Cockroach Killer the strongest insecticide on the amateur market, making it the perfect solution to a cockroach infestation.

The unique formulation makes this highly effective cockroach killer perfect for use in a wide array of situations. It can be used to treat cockroach infestations in domestic premises such as houses and caravans but also can be used in commercial situations such as restaurants, takeaways, B&B’s and hotels.

This is an insecticide concentrate so needs to be diluted -

Flying insects: Dilute 25ml of the product in 5L of water.

Crawling insects: Dilute 50ml of the product in 5L of water for use on non-porous surfaces (wood, glass, ceramics), and 75ml of the product in 5L of water for use on porous surfaces (carpets, concrete).

To achieve a professional application, it is recommended that the spray is applied with a pressure sprayer.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Trevor -

As a landlord, I have tried several different sprays and powders for cockroaches. Nothing seems to even compare to this one. Only a week after I had applied this solution they had all gone and I have not seen one since. I would recommend this to anyone.

5 Stars
Carl -

Really has worked well at eliminating cockroaches and I am surprised at how quickly it took effect!

5 Stars
Elizabeth -

A very effective insecticide for killing the horrible creatures

5 Stars
Azul -

Spray worked very well and the delivery was quick

5 Stars
David -

I am really impressed with the speed of delivery and the strength of the product. I have actually gone on to use it for other insects and it seems there isn't one that it cannot kill. Job well done.

5 Stars
Fatima -

Happy with the product and the results and I am glad I have some left over in case I need it.

5 Stars
Polly -

The strongest spray I have ever used. I will buy some more if I need it. Very pleased!