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Pest Expert Professional Mouse Traps Twin Pack

The Pest Expert Professional Mouse Traps are high quality and robust snap traps that provide an effective and easy method of eradicating mice from a home or business. The Pest Expert Professional Mouse Trap is a long-lasting alternative to bait and is highly powerful, simple to set and re-useable. Each pack contains 2 mouse traps.
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Pest Expert Professional Mouse Traps provide a fast and hygienic method of eradicating mice from any home or business. With a highly sensitive trigger and a rapid kill release, these traps are effective when dealing with mice of all sizes quickly and humanely.

  • Complete control over body disposal
  • Very hygienic with no mess
  • Strong and sturdy design to catch even the largest mice

With a strong kill bar, there is no room for error and even the largest mice will be killed instantly. The robust design makes them extremely strong and highly effective, enabling them to be used many times with the same powerful effect. The one-bar mechanism is easy to set and the traps make it simple to release once the rodent is caught for a safe and hygienic disposal.


Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Jake Jones -

Just add peanut butter

Didn't think I would need two traps but set them both up anyway, caught a few with both so definitely great value for money

5 Stars
Lee -


Wow! Mouse in trap within an hour with peanut butter and bread as bait and now living in local woods. Really pleased with this result and good communication about courier service delivery.

5 Stars
tcheuchter -

Powerful. Great service,very helpful,very strong trap,mind your fingers,use them.

5 Stars
MS -


5 Stars
Mojo -
Malpas, Cheshire

Second Review ..... within 10 minutes of going to bed last night ... I heard one of the traps snap ... went to have a look and there he was my little visitor has been caught (first time of using the trap as well). These traps are very effective and would recommend them highly but just be careful of fingers and thumbs when setting the trap up as they are very very sensitive. I will keep traps out again tonight just to be sure that there is still no little furry friends in the house.

5 Stars
May -

Really Nice product . Works perfectly on mice. Cought mice exactly from middle. & Damn!! Really impressed with this mice trap. Recommend 100% without any hesitation.

5 Stars
Jimmi -

Traps work great !

5 Stars
Tich -

Good quality traps,baited it with toffee @ got mouse on first night.Well worth the price & excellent delivery.Will definitely use pest control again

5 Stars
Pop -

Tried a different model with no results. This model did just what it says. thought we only had one mouse but have caught one every night for ten days. recomended

5 Stars
Nine fingers -
Bognor regis

The best , got 6 on the first night. Mind your fingers got mine on the second night.

5 Stars
Moley -

Great traps.

Great product would recommend it

5 Stars
Freedom -

An excellent product. As with the other reviewers I have tried all sorts of methods, including the cat but the mice seem to have upped their survival instincts. Taking cheese from a loaded trap was easy for them, but within hours I had two in the trap, and I have now caught five. No mess no smell. Brilliant

5 Stars
Peskygirl -

Mouse traps that work.

Easy to set and they work!

5 Stars
Tcheuchter -

Powerful. Great service,very helpful,very strong trap,mind your fingers,use them

5 Stars
Yonahun -
North yorkshire

Best ever assistance.

No mice have been caught yet, as I did not know how to set the trap up. Chris from customer team has been extremely helpful and his instruction transparent. Product looks very good at a glance.

5 Stars
The Old Vic -

When the cat's away buy these!

These traps are easy to retain all your fingers and they do not go off prematurely. Bodies of mice are easy to extricate from the traps. They can be checked at a distance and used again and again. Forget Little Nippers get these.

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