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Pest Expert Rat Poison Bait Blocks Kit 2 (Includes 3kg Blocks & 4 x Bait Boxes)

Pest Expert Formula 'B' Rat Poison Bait Block Kit 2, is designed for situations where moderate levels of rat activity have been noticed. Containing 3kg (10 x 300g) of powerful rodenticide and four lockable rat bait boxes. This kit is perfect for enabling the safer use of rat poison, by preventing direct access to bait by children and non-target species.
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Pest Expert Formula 'B' Rat Poison Bait Block Kit 2, is designed for situations where moderate levels of rat activity have been noticed. 

Containing the strongest concentration of Brodifacoum – This should NOT be confused with the weaker, less potent rodenticide, Bromadiolone.  

Despite what many companies claim, Pest Expert Formula B+ provides the strongest range of rat and mouse poisons available in the UK and is designed to kill in a single feed.

Proven to be up to 4 x stronger than other poisons containing Bromadiolone or Difenacoum, the result with Pest Expert Rodenticides is always faster, more effective control and therefore better value for money! 

Containing the powerful single-feed rodenticide, Brodifacoum, at maximum strength (0.0029%) and four lockable rat bait boxes, this kit enables the safer use of rat poison, by preventing direct access to children and non-target species. 

Formula 'B' Rat Poison Bait Blocks have been scientifically proven to far outperform inferior products when controlling rats.

Our Rat Poison Bait Block Kits contain only the best quality products available, from market leaders Pest Expert:

3kg Formula 'B' Rat Poison Bait Blocks (10 x 300g): A highly palatable rodenticide, produced from a special blend of foodstuffs. 

4 x Pest Expert Rat Bait Box Heavy-Duty: A discreet yet strong pair of rat bait boxes, each with own key and locking mechanism. Suitable for rat block, grain or paste bait.

1 x Professional Rodent Advice Sheet: Step-by-step guide for successful rodent control

For larger sized Pest Expert Rat Poison Killer Kits, please see related products below or "Rat" category page.

Rat Bait Block Kit 2
This kit is sufficient to treat a large infestation.

How to Use Pest Expert Formula B Rat Killer Blocks

1. Place bait where there are signs of rodent activity, like fresh droppings, inside or near nests and burrows, runways and rodent feeding places.
2. Place bait points throughout the infested area.
3. It is generally much more efficient to use a larger number of small bait points compared to a smaller number of large bait points.
4. Large bait points increase the risk to wildlife and to other non-target animals.

For rat infestations: use bait points of up to 200g. place bait points 10m apart reducing to 5m in high infestations. Do not move or disturb bait points for several days after laying bait. If no signs of rat activity are seen near the bait after 7-10 days, move the bait to an area of higher rat activity.

Use Rodenticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Full instructions are included with the Rat Bait Block Kit 2.

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5 Stars
Mike Jordan -

Did the job

Applied a few times to my garden and seemed to do the trick.

5 Stars
Lou -

Lockable Rat & Mouse Bait Box

Highly recommended. The bait is frequently taken from the box and a vast reduction in mouse activity has been noted. They soon come back however once the bait has run out but I guess thats what you get when you live in the countryside!

5 Stars
JB -

Good products and work quickly.

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