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Pest Expert Rat Poison Bait Boxes, Heavy-Duty with Locking Mechanism (x4)

Pest Expert Rat Poison Bait Boxes are a heavy-duty lockable bait box, suitable for all types of rat poison, including bait blocks, grain and paste bait. Rat bait boxes provide a perfect solution for baiting outdoors, around buildings, denying access to children and non-target species.
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Pest Expert Rat Poison Bait Boxes are a heavy-duty lockable bait box, suitable for all types of rat poison, including bait blocks, grain and paste bait.

Pest Expert Rat Bait Boxes are strong yet discreet, black in colour, providing the perfect solution for use within domestic home garden, or commercial premises.

Each rat bait box is supplied with it's own key and has a locking mechanism, restricting access to poison from children and non-target species.

How To Use the Lockable Rat & Mouse Bait Box

  1. Ensure food sources are removed from the treatment area.
  2. Ideal location for traps is against a wall in a protected area, away from people, animals and wildlife, where there are signs of mouse/rat activity, such as fresh mouse/rat droppings or near runways and feeding places.
  3. Check out our wide range of poison baits to add in this bait station - Mouse Poison Bait Range.
  4. Place the station once baited; for mice place 5 metres apart, reducing to 3 metres apart in cases of high infestation; for rats place 10 metres apart, reducing to 5 metres apart in cases of high infestation.
  5. Inspect bait regularly and replace it as necessary until no more bait is taken.
  6. Replace any bait which has been damaged by water or contaminated by dirt.
  7. Block entry holes and target potential sources of mouse/rat infestations such as garages and garden sheds.
  8. The resistance status of the population should be taken into account when considering the choice of rodenticide to be used.
  9. Long term use of this product must be avoided. It is recommended that bait must not be used for longer than 12 weeks and no re-treatment of the site within 8 weeks should occur.

Baiting Tips & Advice for Rat Infestations

Bait should be placed strategically in the areas rats frequent most. Rats cannot climb well so it is likely they frequent in the walls and clutter of your downstairs. They will eat the blocks and go back to their nest where it will begin to take effect. A rat will need to consume a larger amount of bait compared to mice. Therefore make sure you put down enough bait to provide a lethal dose. Not all rats will eat it straight away so be patient as this may take time.

Please note that this is only a good method to use and effective in a situation where you have access to the rat as they will perish in the nest and be left there until you are able to dispose of it. Also, so keep away from other pets such as dogs and cats.

Baiting Tips & Advice for Mouse Infestations

Baits are easy and effective to use. The bait can be set down in areas where mice are likely to travel, such as the back of cabinets and under appliances. They will eat the bait, return to their nest and perish.

A mouse will need to consume about 10g of poison in one day. They will not consume the desired quantity in one sitting, but should consume desired amount in one whole day. The mice will not die straight away. It will take a number of days for the mice to die after being poisoned. This is because if a mouse dies straight away the other mice will associate the smell of the bait to death and will not touch any other foods with the same smell.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Agricultural -
South Lincolnshire

Good product.

5 Stars
Bait box -

tidy box's at the right price i bought 4

5 Stars
No Rats -

Ever since I put out the bait stations we have not seen, or more importantly heard, a rat. The dogs are getting very bored with nothing to hunt(:.

5 Stars


5 Stars
Antirat -

Well made. Secure but easy to open with provided key.

5 Stars
Sliverfox -
Royston Herts

Well constructed just the job safe and secure reasonable price fast delivery service.

5 Stars
Lee -

Quick delivery. Good bait boxes - took me a little while to work out which way round key went, and what bit inside box was for, but seem to be good quality and hopefully they will do the job!

5 Stars
Bob N -


Lockable mouse & rat bait station is well made & quit sturdy. It's easy to load & the lock function is a very good idea. This has been outside in the recent very cold & snowy conditions & doesn't seem to have been effected so far.

Within a week of placing no further rodent activity has been seen.

5 Stars
Dodge -

ood product easy to use.

5 Stars
Bob -

Holds bait perfectly.

5 Stars
GG -

The details provided indicate quite an effective method, seems to have done ok so far .

I like it.

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