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Pest-Stop Easy Setting Metal Rat Trap Boxed

Long-lasting powerful, reusable, easy setting metal rat trap with a powerful action and 8mm long metal teeth.
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Long-lasting powerful, reusable, easy setting metal rat trap. This trap is constructed using strong metal that will last for years and has a sensitive mechanism with a powerful action and four 8mm tall metal spikes to ensure a quick end to your rat problem.

  • Powerful spring action.
  • Long-lasting metal trap.
  • Ready and easy to use.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Suitable for all types of bait.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Approximate dimensions 70mm (W) x 150mm (L)

How To Use the Easy Setting Metal Rat Trap

  1. Place the bait firmly on the bait hook, using fish, meat or bacon.
  2. Hold the trap so that the wire square is facing away from you.
  3. Release the arm from the bait hook and pull back towards you.
  4. Pull back the wire square firmly. The extended arm should have now secured itself on the bait hook and the trap is now set.
  6. Place the trap where rats have been active.

How to get the best results from the Easy Setting Metal Rat Trap

  1. Ensure food sources are removed from the treatment area.
  2. Ideal location for traps is against a wall in a protected area, away from people, animals and wildlife, where there are signs of rat activity, such as fresh mouse droppings or near runways and feeding places.
  3. For best results replenish with Provoke Professional Rat Attractant.
  4. Position traps at right angles to walls, with bait well facing the wall.
  5. Place the baited rat trap 10 metres apart, reducing to 5 metres apart in cases of high infestation.
  6. Block entry holes and target potential sources of rat infestations such as garages, bins and garden sheds.

Tip & Advice for Catching Rats

  • Do - Bait traps with fish, meat or bacon.
  • Don't - Persist with one choice of bait if continuously unsuccessful.
  • Do - Place traps facing wall, where rats have been active.
  • Don't - Place traps in the middle of the floor.
  • Do - Place traps where droppings and smears have been found.
  • Don't - Set traps too firmly and jam mechanism.
  • Do - Remove bodies daily.
  • Don't - Keep foodstuffs unsecured.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
S.G. Auto -

Pest-stop is true and very sensitive, Unlike some plastic Rat Traps, they will go off. I've similar traps that have bait taken, Pest-stop goes off at the slightest touch. Highly Recommend to all.

5 Stars
Squibjoybells -
West Midlands

Great "Nipper"

What a first class Mouse Trap. No time at all in use, one was cough and killed humanely, followed the next day with another. Great product.

5 Stars
Chris -

The classic, and an effective device. If you just want a cheap and efficient trap this is the one.

5 Stars
Ashy -

Got the blighter.

Very effective - but mind your fingers!!

5 Stars
Cogs -

Very effective. Easy to use. Brilliant with peanut butter bait !

5 Stars
Racerboy -
Knockhill racing circuit

Nice one !!

Been after the pesky critters for ages ! lol tried sonic posts, mothballs, and poisonous worms. day after setting traps got the first one then relocated and got the second one !!! its the only answer guys

5 Stars
Andrew Grumpy -

No More Mice.

Brilliant, well made and easy to fit.

5 Stars

AT LONG LAST.... A mouse trap that is easy to set/reset, and that produces 100% success.


5 Stars

Looks Good and Strong .

5 Stars
Filbertscool -

A simple trap yet a good trap.

5 Stars
Robmellors -
Collingham, Notts

Takes the personal hazard out of mousetraps.

Well these are great little traps to use. They take away the fear of getting your fingers trapped

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