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Pest-Stop Multi Catch Metal Mouse Trap for Up To 10 Mice

High quality live catch mouse trap made from galvanised steel designed to catch and hold up to 10 mice at the same time.
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High quality mouse trap made from galvanised steel designed to catch and hold up to 10 mice at the same time. Simple and easy to use with two entry points for added catch-ability. Plenty of ventilation points to reduce stress of captured mice, with a clear lid for quick inspection. Multi-catch traps are often used by professional pest control operatives where they cannot use poisons or conventional traps, or when there's a desire not to kill the mice so they can be released elsewhere.

  • Welfare-Friendly Trap
  • Ready & Easy To Use
  • For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Approximate Dimensions: (W)16cm x (L)26.5cm x (H)5cm

How To Use the Multi Catch mouse Trap

  1. Lift lid and place bait inside trap.
  2. Ideal location for traps is against a wall in a protected area, away from people, animals and wildlife, where there are signs of rat activity, such as fresh rat droppings or near runways and feeding places.
  3. Place trap station against walls with the entry hole adjacent to the wall.
  4. For best results replenish using Provoke Professional Mouse Attractant. Chocolate or peanut butter are effective alternatives.
  5. Although the trap has ventilation points, it should be checked regularly (ideally every 2 hours). This will prevent undue stress to the mice, in particular if many are caught. Avoid leaving the trap out overnight.
  6. To release mice, simply life the lid.
  7. It is important to note that as these traps capture mice alive they have the potential to gnaw through the plastic over a period of time, therefore it is essential to check the traps regularly and release as soon as possible an appropriate distance away.

Addition Product Information

Note: Mice can carry a variety of diseases and therefore should not be handled without protection.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Isla S -

cant find a better product than this. Set it up with posion, left it and now I see no more mice.

5 Stars
Toby Bennett -

didnt harm them

I was against buying traps but wasn?t sure what else to use. I was recommended this and works great. Freed the mice a few miles down the road.

5 Stars
claire -

works fine. Caught a couple of mice and only had it set up for a few days. Look forward to a mouse free office

5 Stars
LL -
Inverness, Scottish Highlands

Fantastic service - next day delivery, well packaged. Item very effective. Filled each trap every night for a few nights and then numbers dwindle to zero. I now have solid concrete floors everywhere so mice can no longer gain access but these were a residual population from prior to concrete installation - all now gone I hope.

The traps were very easy to set and. to deal with in the morning. Good half mile walk to release them far away without harm, into the neighbouring heather moorland where I'm sure they will thrive happily.

Product highly recommended - an excellent design accompanied by astonishing competent service.

5 Stars
Smallman -

Great. no poison about for children to mess with very happy with purchase

thank you

5 Stars
Jo70horses -

Great mouse catcher.

When I first realised we had mice I cleaned so thoroughly I think the bleach put them off! So 2 weeks of no apparent activity. However have just caught 2 on consecutive nights!

Great trap, easy to set up and use. My mice seem perfectly happy in there, no major stress. I use guinea pig food to attract them.

5 Stars
Liz -

We are extremely pleased with this product. So far we have caught 8 individual mice, 2 a day. We tried to make up our own mouse trap with no success.

We are relieved that the mouse trap doesn't harm them and we can release them back out in to the wild. We just now need to work out how they are getting in any ideas? The product came very quickly and it has been worth ordering. Highly recommended.

5 Stars
Miko -

Well made, no chance of mice nibbling their way out as with plastic traps. Set it up in garage and caught 11 in 2 days!!

5 Stars
Helena -

Excellent product.

Already caught three mice with this, it's large enough to catch the field mice we seem to get and we can store enough food in there for the mouse to be tempted.

5 Stars
Jennie -

The best way....

This is the best humane trap ever. It is robust and simple to use. With the clear roof it is easy to see anything inside. Being made of metal the mice cannot chew their way out, there is ventilation so that they can breath, and also smell the yummy treats left as bate for them inside. The max I have caught so far in one go is 3, but there is spenty of room. Price for price this is excellent value. Highly recommended.

5 Stars
Jerbil -


Traps worked perfectly first time, don't know what the mice thought about being taken away to the park but they didn't seem distressed! Now mouse-free.

5 Stars
Andy -

Caught in Three Hours!

After a couple of weeks using another trap from a well known firm and false alarms as it was tipped we thought we would have to resort to other measures and this was the last resort.

5 Stars
Briandc -

It works!

Used it on five consecutive nights and have humanely retained five mice. Excellent.

5 Stars
K Davies -

Good job protecting the trap.

My other traps were getting set off by rain / wind when I put them outside but these seems to be stopping that. Plus the nosey dog wont get hurt.

5 Stars
Lynda -

It works very well- knew I had a mouse in the house courtesy of my tomcat and within hours it succumbed to the chocolate spread and was released without harm.

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