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Rat Traps

Rat Traps are a very effective method for controlling rat infestations and provide the peace of mind knowing that the measures you have chosen are working. Our Rat Traps are extremely powerful, ensuring that you are not left with the unpleasant task of killing the rat yourself. Rat Traps are ideal for use in chemical sensitive areas and where exposure to poisons is a risk to non-target animals.

Rat Trap Cages are ideal for use in gardens or in the home. They are very effective at controlling and observing rat infestations. Rat Cages are designed to capture rats without causing any threat to other animals that may venture in accidentally, as they use no poisons or ‘snap traps’. As it is illegal to release captured live ship rats back into the wild, the captured rat will need to be humanely killed.
2  Product(s)
Pest Expert Advanced Rat Traps Twin Pack
This high quality and robust snap trap is a quick and easy solution to any indoor rat infestation. The Pest Expert Advanced Rat Trap is a long-lasting alternative to bait and is highly powerful, simple to set and re-useable. Each pack contains 2 rat traps.
£9.95 inc. VAT
Rat Cage Trap
£19.95 inc. VAT