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Rentokil Advanced Mouse Traps Single

This high quality and robust snap trap from Rentokil is quick and easy solution to any mouse infestation internally. The Rentokil Advanced Mouse Trap is a long-lasting alternative to bait and is highly powerful, simple to set and re-use-able.
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The Rentokil Advanced Mouse Trap is a robust and re-usable snap trap for the control of mouse infestations internally. Made from the highest quality materials, this snap trap from Rentokil is simple to bait and set and provides outstanding catch rates. The quick release makes getting rid of the dead rodent easy and stress free. Bait with a suitable bait such as peanut butter, chocolate spread or tuna.

  • Re-useable
  • Simple to bait and set
  • Provides a long-lasting alternative to poison

For best results use in conjunction with Pest Expert Formula ‘B’ Mouse Poison or Mouse Glue Traps / Boards.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Owen Thompson -

I thought I only had a few mice but this trap has caught nearly a dozen. The trap is very simple to set up and re-arm after use.

5 Stars
Isla -

No complaints

Fantastic trap, it may be a little more than the traditional wooden ones but I am yet to catch my fingers in this. It was very easy to set and use!

5 Stars
Slacky -

Great product, 10 out of 10 so far!

Found mice droppings in shed, baited this trap with bread and peanut butter. Set trap 6 times and every time we caught a mouse! Easy to set, trigger mechanism is ideal as it doesn't trip too soon. Seems durable, well made and robust, can't find any faults!

S.G. Auto -

Easy to Set, true and very sensitive, Unlike some plastic Rat Traps, they will go off. I've similar traps that have bait taken, it goes off at the slightest touch. Highly Recommend to all.

5 Stars
Mojo -
Malpas, Cheshire

Second Review ..... within 10 minutes of going to bed last night ... I heard one of the traps snap ... went to have a look and there he was my little visitor has been caught (first time of using the trap as well). These traps are very effective and would recommend them highly but just be careful of fingers and thumbs when setting the trap up as they are very very sensitive. I will keep traps out again tonight just to be sure that there is still no little furry friends in the house.

5 Stars
May -

Really Nice product . Works perfectly on mice. Cought mice exactly from middle. & Damn!! Really impressed with this mice trap. Recommend 100% without any hesitation.

5 Stars
Jan -


Caught 3 mice in 3 days can't ask for more.

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