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Rentokil Quick Set Mouse Traps Twin Packed

The Quick-Set mouse trap from Rentokil can be set and released with one simple click, allowing you to dispose of the mouse without touching it. Delivering high catch rates, this trap is perfect for eradicating mice internally. Each pack contains 2 mouse traps.
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The Rentokil Quick Set Mouse Trap is a powerful snap trap for the eradication of mouse infestations. The one-click set and release mechanism makes setting the trap and the disposing of the mouse simple and hygienic. To set, simply open the trap and apply a suitable bait such as peanut butter or chocolate spread. To discard the mouse, squeeze the trap and release.

  • Re-useable
  • Simple to bait and set (one click)
  • Easy and hygienic release of mouse
  • Provides a long-lasting alternative to poison

For best results use in conjunction with Pest Expert Formula ‘B’ Mouse Poison or Mouse Glue Traps / Boards.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Pete -

these are great traps that are easy to set and work really well at stopping the little critters

5 Stars
David H -

Brilliant design!

After years struggling with those nasty traditional traps that have a habit of springing onto your finger, this is an amazing new design...and it works. So easy to set, so easy to dispose of the corpses. Wish I'd found it years ago.

5 Stars
Hagar -

Mouse Traps

I am very pleased with my recent purchase. The traps are simple to use, just one-click to set. They are just as effective as the traditional traps but where they are much better is that the risk of getting your fingers caught in them is much reduced as they are simple to set up.

5 Stars
Peskygirl -

Mouse traps that work. Easy to set and they work!

5 Stars
Minnie or Micky -

Worked in that the mouse caught by the cat finally emerged from under the floorboards after 10 days for a tasty meal of peanut butter. Now raomining free in a nearby fileld ............... bye bye.

Hope never to have to use it again but will keep it just in case.

5 Stars
Brian -

Excellent product, worked where other traps failed.

Easy to set.

I received excellent service fro this company. I paid for 1st class postage and traps arrived early the morning after placing order.

Would use again

Thank You

5 Stars
Mikalji -
West Midlands

I was a bit sceptic whether the plastic construction of Mouse Trap will be able to perform and only after two day of using the mouse trap, I have my prize! Fantastic result and I am pleased with your service and the products

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