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Ruby Difenacoum Rat & Mouse Poison Bait Blocks 1.5kg (50 x 30g)

1.5kg of poison bait designed to be irresistible to mice and rats. Contains Difenacoum for fast, high kill rates. OUT OF STOCK / NO LONGER AVAILABLE
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Designed with 'nibble edges' to encourage feeding, Ruby Mouse & Rat 30g Poison Bait Blocks are irresistible and highly attractive to rodents they have been shaped to ensure rats and mice eat their lethal dose fast. They are very easy to use and fast-acting, they are deadly bait blocks which are ideally used with bait stations. The bait blocks have been designed with a hole through the centre so that they can be easily secured on the unique baiting rod within our range of rat and mouse baiting stations.

To remove the risk of accidental exposure and for best results we recommend that you use poison baits with a bait station. 

  • Active Ingredient Difenacoum (0.005%)
  • Kills rats and mice indoors and outdoors.
  • Highly attractive to rodents.
  • Ready To Use

Note: When handling poison bait, we strongly recommend wearing protective gloves, to prevent accidental exposure. These can found in our Protective Clothing Section.


How To Use Raco Dife Bait Blocks

  1. Place the bait where there are signs of rodent activity. For example where there are fresh droppings, inside or near burrows, runways and feeding places.
  2. For rat infestations, use bait points up to 200g and place bait points 10 metres apart, reducing to 5 metres in areas of high infestation.
  3. For mouse infestations, use bait points of 40g and place bait points 5 metres apart, reducing to 2 metres in areas of high infestation.
  4. Make frequent inspections of the bait points. Replace eaten bait and replace any bait eaten by rodents or that has been damaged by water or contaminated by dirt.
  5. If all bait has been eaten from certain areas, increase the quantity of the bait by placing more bait points.
  6. Precautions should be taken to prevent domestic animals from having access to the bait.
  7. The resistance status of the population should be taken into account when considering the choice of rodenticide to be used.

Important Application Information
  • FOR OUTDOOR USE - Bait Stations must be used to reduce the risk of accidental exposure.
  • Never leave bait exposed to non-target animals.
  • Never fail to inspect the bait regularly.
  • Never leave bait down at the end of treatment.
  • If possible, collect and dispose of rodent bodies as recommended on the product label, to prevent second-hand poison exposure to non-target species.

Use Rodenticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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