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Talpirid Mole Trap / TomCat Mole Trap

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How To Use The Talpirid Mole Trap

1. Locating active tunnels
     a) Use a ½” dowel or finger to puncture holes in tunnels. Mark holes with lawn flags. Be careful not to crush tunnels.
     b) Revisit after 24 hours. Sealed holes indicate mole activity.

2. Preparing to set the trap
     a) Use a heel to create 1” indentation for trigger in middle of active tunnel.
     b) Built in Depth Gauge should fit in indentation to confirm correct depth.
     c) Use trap jaws to mark tunnel on each side of the indentation made for trigger.
     d) Use lawn edger or square spade to cut and widen 5” deep slots across tunnel for easy insertion of trap.

3. Setting the trap
     a) Insert trap jaws into slots cut across the tunnel
     b) Step straight down on high end of yellow foot pedal
     c) Work foot pedal down until trap latches and trigger post comes through trigger slot
     d) Use your foot or finger to press trigger post flush with top of foot pedal, the trap is now set

4. Mole capture and removal
     a) A raised foot pedal indicates a capture
     b) Set trap on bucket and release mole compressing pedal with hands

Full instructions are included with the Talpirid Mole Trap

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars
Kevin -

MY uncle is having trouble with moles on his lawn, bought him this to help so fingers crossed it does the job

5 Stars
c west -

Certainly looks like it will do the job, and very powerful. Just need a mole to show how good it really is!

4 Stars
Mr Wright -

Extremely strong springs, so watch out when setting up. No success as yet, but I'm sure the mole will come back.

Great service from Pest Control Supplies. I wish all companies were as good with their deliveries.

5 Stars
Jamie -

I am a mole and I live in a hole

Not on my lawn they don't thanks to Pest Control Supplies. The Mrs will be very happy to see the lawn looking at its best again.

5 Stars
Lockie115 -

Excellent mole trap

This is a tricky trap to set - you need strong fingers - but it is an extremely effective device. If you look on Youtube for mole trapping, you will see how to place and set the trap properly. It is a lot better than scissor traps in that it keeps dirt out of the run, and it is effective after wet weather, when soil washes into the run. My trapping rate with these is better than with the normal traps.

5 Stars
keith -

caught on first use

Fantastic - the mole that avoided my tunnel trap and liked to bury my other traps in a battle that has been going on for quite some time was caught on the first use of these traps. I can thoroughly recommend them.

5 Stars
Pedro -

Great delivery as usual the product is in my lawn and working fine. Moles seem to have gone.

5 Stars
Nonick -

Got Em. Fast delivery

Best price

Effective product

Sorry moles!

5 Stars
Mole man10 -

Excellent mole traps, guaranteed a result every time Aslong as you place them in the right spot. Great design no fault yet.

5 Stars
Barry -

Great product, delivered Wednesday two dead moles by sunday.

5 Stars
Wrayie -
West yorkshire

Very happy.

Having tried most stupid ideas and still my garden and next doors looking like a battle field I bought these 3 traps hoping for the best but still feeling like I was slipping Iinto madness.put them in at 10am yesterday and 2pm today had my first kill. The war for u is over mr mole now its time for ur little friends. Thank you for excellent service and giving me hope.

5 Stars
Molecatcher -

Did the trick!

One mole laying waste to my day after putting claw mole trap in the ground - mole dead! Great

5 Stars
JS -

No more mole man.

I have had loads of moles, employed a local mole-man who took out 1/2 dozen, but watched what he did, then bought my own traps. Almost lost a finger first time setting the traps but once you get used to it (I recommend wearing some gloves), then they work a treat. Because new moles will move into empty tunnels and the problem never really goes away, this offers an extremely cost effective solution.

5 Stars
Ramshorn -

Failed at the first attempt! Thereafter, unqualified success!

Thanks to other reviewers for direction to videos.

Make sure that trigger release is centrally situated in the trap.

5 Stars
Richrjc -

Bought four traps to try out as I was struggling with back filled traps. three moles later one happy chappie !!

Good powerful spring and cheaper than a genuine Talpex !

5 Stars

Just what I was looking for. Right price excellent serviice.

5 Stars
Dime Bar -
West Norfolk

Mole Trapped - Eventually

Having finally gotten my head around setting and using these traps. i can honestly say that any issues are usually down to the setter and not the traps. These clearly work well and its just a matter of surfing the net and getting tips on the right places to set them. It took a week and a half but now Mole free once again and they are always there as back up in the future. Clearer instructions are my only gripe from a novice.

5 Stars
Robbo -

Ordered the trap a couple of weeks ago, it was delivered promptly. It was easy to set up & soon caught my first mole when the scissor type traps I had borrowed previously had failed every time. Brilliant, I would recommend this trap to anyone.

5 Stars
Pharte -
West Yorkshire

Top notch mole catcher.

Easy to use.

caught two of the pesky critters within a week.

Follow the instructions and wait........

5 Stars
Molehater -
West Lancashire

First day success!

Wasted a lot of time repeatedly trying 'humane' tunnel-type traps - the mole was laughing at me, I think, as new molehills appeared daily, often right by the traps. Looked online and bought this trap. Success the very first night - got the blighter!

DW -

Taking my molemans job.

Learned how to catch moles over the summer and now geared up to do it myself. avoided the cheapest traps on the market as feedback was poor but more than happy with the order from here and the speed of delivery - thanks guys

5 Stars
Digger -

Excellent trap well constructed.

5 Stars
Chris -

Good trap.

Very good service - one of the traps would not set, they replaced by next day.

The trap - my moles are running very deep. I have never caught moles before, but I have now caught 2 on the second day of setting them. Most important to locate the trap on a straight bit of run and cut out the size exactly - do not ,make the hole to big. I use an old carving knife for this.

5 Stars
Bob -

Looking forward to less Mole hills.

The device was easy to assembly. We look forward to seeing our lawn again.

5 Stars
Emma Fowler -

Love the mole trap.Had a problem with moles for a while and now they're gone, probably to my neighbours lawn now but at least they are not digging mine up any more.

5 Stars
Gomolego -

For once a mole trap that works.

thank you

5 Stars
Mole smacker -

The local professional mole catcher introduced me to this type of trap. He caught 5 moles with them in my half acre paddock .

At this time of year, moles are on the move and the old runs have been speedily re inhabited so thought I'd have a go myself and purchased this product.

I've caught two moles so I've saved substantially on the professional fees.

5 Stars
Richard -

Still waiting to catch the mole but trap looks like it will definetely do the job. Good price

5 Stars
Nemisis -

Pesky mole was making a mess of our garden and excavation under the raspberry cage. First day trap was sprung, second day one ex mole.

5 Stars
PM -

Quick success!

Difficult to set but worth the peserverance. Caught first mole within 48 hours.

5 Stars
Damian -

First mole after 2 hours!

More success in 2 hours than 10 years of messing about with other stuff to get rid of moles.

5 Stars
Damian -

First mole after 2 hours!

More success in 2 hours than 10 years of messing about with other stuff to get rid of moles.

5 Stars
Theo C Cupier -

Successful mole hunt. Pleased with results. However it is not easy to set these traps since the springs are much stronger than those I have used in the past. I had to set them using a out for your fingers!

5 Stars
Ian -

Major mole hill problem in 1/2 acre of land. Tried the metal traps with no success. Bought 3 of these and 2 dead moles within 4 days. Caught another mole in my dad's lawn thereafter. Clean and easy to set - no digging mole tunnels prepping holes for traps etc. Something I have learned is to try and find the main tunnels leading to the feeding ground (where all the mole hills are) that way you will get a quicker success. Most tricky part is finding the tunnels and determining the direction. Must use a spade or lawn edge to create nice slots across the tunnel to allow the claws to move to set the trap and to close when trap is sprung. You also need to stamp your heal down to allow a recess for the trigger mechanism. Lots of youtube vids to help you. One more thing.... every time my traps have gone off they have caught a mole. Sometimes I pull the trap up though and there is nothing in the claws. However in my experience the dead mole can slide off the claws. If the trap is raised without a mole - excavate the soil with a spade and what's the betting that you'll find a dead mole! This is my experience. 100% success rate to date. Money wells spend and cheaper than a professional mole catcher. Pest Control Supplies were excellent - quick delivery and best price I could find on the internet.