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Wasps are difficult to live with, because they are a danger to your family. They can attack in large numbers, creating a dangerous situation for you and anyone else who is nearby. However, there are a number of DIY preventative and elimination measures you take, such as Wasp Killer Sprays or Wasp Nest Foam.

Wasp Killer Sprays
Wasps are difficult to live with, and can be dangerous to try and remove from your home. However, insecticide sprays can help control a wasp infestation in your home. Sprays with a rapid knockdown will kill wasps instantly on contact. Other sprays provide a long-lasting protection and will kill any wasps that land on the treated surface.

Wasp Killer Powders
Wasp killer powders are ideal for providing continuous protection against wasps. These can be sprinkled on surfaces where wasps like to congregate and will eventually kill all wasps that walk on the sprinkled powder. Using in areas where they are most often seen will ensure their numbers will quickly diminish. 

Wasp Nest Spray
Individual wasps are bad enough, but the real problem lies with wasps nests. They can grow to be bigger than a rugby ball, containing up to 5,000 wasps and need to be dealt with immediately. We recommend using a powerful Wasp Nest Spray to target the source of a wasp infestation.

3  Product(s)
Pest Expert Wasps Nest Killer Powder 300g
Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Wasp Powder is a powerful permethrin dust which kills wasp eggs and larvae as well as adult wasps. Supplied in an easy-to-use puffer pack to enable precise application to nests and other cracks and crevices which may be harbouring wasps.
£6.95 inc. VAT
AF Fruit Fly Trap Refills (200ml)
The AF Fruit Fly Trap is a poison free device for monitoring fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) in commercial, residential and industrial premises such as bakeries, groceries, confectioneries, restaurants, offices, and similar locations. It is excellent at locating the source of fruit fly infestation through monitoring the count in the trap. It lures adult fruit flies, and therefore it is a perfect tool for mapping infestation levels.

This listing is for 1 x 200ml refill pack for the AF Fruit Fly Trap.
£6.95 inc. VAT